UPDATE: THE BLOG/SITE HAS MOVED TO GITHUB. THE NEW LINK FOR THE BLOG/SITE IS patilv.github.io PLEASE UPDATE ANY BOOKMARKS YOU MAY HAVE. WITH INDIVIDUAL PAGES ON THIS SITE, I HAVE PROVIDED THE UPDATED LINKS FOR EQUIVALENT PAGES ON THE NEW SITE. THE analyticsandvisualization.com domain currently associated with this site will be redirected to the new site. This site will continue to be available at analyticsandvisualization.blogspot.com, although it will no longer be updated.

Vivek Patil
I am an Associate Professor of Marketing at Gonzaga University. This site is a collection of my blog posts related to statistics/analytics/visualization using R. It also provides a listing of few resources I have found useful for my learning. I hope you find some of this information useful as well. 

The following is a listing of my posts categorized under different tags. The tagging/re-tagging process is a work-in-progress. All R-related unique posts are listed under the R tag. These have been further reclassified under other tags. R codes for most of these posts can be found on github.